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17 July 2020

Zempire Monstamat Twin Review

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monstamatZempire Megamat Twin Reviewā€¯

I got sick of sinking through to the ground in the Kings Deluxe double swag. Is the Zempire Monstamat the answer to a comfortable nights sleep in the bush?

Quick Summary

Cheap - Nearly half the price of some competitors
Bag is large enough to pack away without full deflation
Inflates quickly and enough to sleep on without any additional air
Deflates easily and quickly because of reversible one way valve
Anti Bacterial Foam allows you to use your breath for additional air
Velcro straps to help hold it together while packing
Fully bonded with an R rating of 9.5
Valve cover difficult to screw on
Bulky when packed (Like all self-inflating mattresses)
Not available in queen size


  • Surface: 40D Super Stretch Ripstop
  • Base: Polyester TPU
  • Product Weight: 3kg
  • Internal: Open Cell Foam (Cored)
  • Open Size: 198cm x 68 cm
  • Accessories: Carry Bag, Compression Strap
  • Thickness: 100mm

Monstamat Twin

No matter what the weather, the location or the company, nothing makes camping unpleasant more than a terrible nights sleep. Actually warm beer would be more unpleasant, but I guess that should go without saying...We'll talk about fridges and eskies in a future article.

Now I've been going camping for more years than I can remember, and I've slept on and in just about every kind of camping configuration you can think of. From a rain filled swag and cheap dome tents right through to high end campers and even caravans. I've slept in 40 degree humidity and below zero icy conditions, thunder storms and droughts and what I can tell you from all of this is that spending lots of money doesn't always mean you'll have a good sleep... But sometimes it helps. Some of the best nights sleep while camping have been in my old Cavalier camper trailer whereby I put a cheap innerspring queen mattress on the wood base and a woollen mattress protector on top of that. The Travelander DC4 slide on camper with its slimline inner sprung mattress was also sensational for a good nights sleep. The old Oztrail double swag I had was ok, but not brilliant and the cheap Kings deluxe double swag I have currently is woeful.

You see being 6'3", around 115kg, and a side sleeper means you very quickly find the deficiencies in any sleeping arrangement, camping or otherwise. I found that even the reasonably thick foam mattress that came in the camper trailer originally was not good after I'd be lying on my side for a few hours and even the cheap innerspring wasn't great without the wool on top of it. I also find that if the bed is not long enough, my feat stick out over the end and that tends to make me curl up into a ball in the cold which makes my back stiff in the morning. This would have been an issue in the Travelander except for the fact that the diesel heater meant I never got cold enough to need to curl up.

After going back from all of the flash campers I've had to a swag and a touring tent, I decided that I was too old to be sleeping on sub par foam mattresses and I was never going to use a traditional air mattress again because personally I don't like sleeping with the devil himself. If you've never slept on a normal old school air mattress on a winters night while camping, do yourself a favour. Don't. They always leak. ALWAYS, they a freezing cold and extremely uncomfortable. I knew there had to be a better solution and the Zempire Monstamat Twin appears to be the answer.

There are a lot of self-inflating mattresses out there, and to look at them without any prior knowledge or experience is very confusing. The prices range from less than $100 at Anaconda and Ebay all the way up to nearly $1000 for some of the more premium products. This is where the Zempire comes into play. At around $300 AUD this mattress brings all of the quality and features of the higher end bonded camping mats like the $700 Exped Megamat Max into a price range that is more affordable for the average camper. Now if you are gawking at the $300 price tag, trust me, it's worth it. I'm not affiliated with this brand in anyway and I'm not paid to tell you how good it is. If you read my other articles and watch my reviews on YouTube you'll also know that I'm harsh but fair in my reviews and I really had to think hard to come up with some negatives for this mattress. I really love this thing, it's really quick and easy to inflate, and the pack away is not too bad because of the reversible valve. You don't have to try and keep the air out and worry about it trying to re-inlfate while you are packing it away.

Once the air is out, it stays out. Meaning you can roll it up a couple of times in a row and get it packed down really tight and small with ease. But more importantly, the bag is big enough that even a simple quick roll will see you being able to fit it back into the bag without too much trouble. It's certainly easier, in my opinion, than most if not all of its competitors. Because it's a 100mm fully bonded mattress, when I sleep on it, I can move around without disturbing my partner and I don't sink through to the ground even when sleeping on my side. This is the closest thing you'll get to the feeling of an inner sprung mattress that you can throw on your roof rack and go camping with. On top of it being comfortable though, is that it is warm. Amazingly warm. Yes I'll admit that in the freezing cold I use electric blankets while camping, I have done for many years now. Why? Because they use very little power and work bloody well. Why suffer when you don't have to?

With this mattress, I wake up in the morning when it's below zero and feel like the electric blanket is still on, even though it's not. It's like the warmth from the bed radiates up from this thing. It will be really interesting to see how this feels in the summer, but I suspect if you have no blanket on it won't be a problem. Time will tell on this one. The only negative thing that I could come up with that was specific to this over other self-inflating mattresses was that the screw on cap for the valve is hard to get started when putting it back on. It's really a totally minor thing and after muscle memory kicks in I'm sure I'll not even think about after a while.


Whether it be in your swag, on your tent floor or maybe even in your camper trailer, a good quality self-inflating mattress is one of the best ways to get a good nights sleep while out bush. The Zempire Monstamat is everything it claims to be in a nice looking, very comfortable, neatly presented and extremely functional package.

The price point provides confidence that it's a quality product, without braking the bank and being completely unreachable for the casual camper. Unlike some of its competition, the Megamat twin does not claim to be something it's not. They call it a twin, it is a double mattress size, not a queen size. Some of the advertised 'queen' self-inflating mattresses in other brands are the same size as the Monstamat Twin, so make sure you check the sepcs if you thinking of dismissing this mattress due to it only coming in a double size.

Final Score

I very rarely give out 5 stars, because nothings perfect, but I'm really happy with this mattress in pretty much every way. When you have to sit staring at the screen trying to decide what to right in the cons section, you know you have a good product. The Zempire Monstamat Twin gets a 5 star rating from me.

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