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14 April 2020

OCAM Weathershields

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frontpageOCAM Weathershields - The easiest modification to your 4wd” I purchased some OCAM Weather Shields for the 200 series and man they look good!

I've had weather shields on every 4wd since my Toyota Surf and for less than $100 it's possibly the cheapest and easiest mod you can do to your four wheel drive.

When I bought my Toyota Surf back in the early 2000's it came with those slim line weather shields that are now common place in Australia. Back then, though, they were a blatant sign that you were driving a cheap Japanese grey import. In my case, what was then known as "the poor man's 4Runner". For that reason, I hated them at first, but with so many other modifications that I had to do do the Surf, removing them kept being put off. After driving around with them for many months and then years, I discovered that they were actually pretty bloody awesome. Every four wheel drive wagon I've owned ever since has had them fitted front and rear.

I ordered this set from OCAM and although I've not had a huge amount to do with this company in the past, I did buy their towing mirrors (Clearview knock offs) for the Patrol Ute and I must say, I very much liked those mirrors. But more about that another time. Just like with the mirrors though, the order was flawless, the webpage easy to navigate and best of all the delivery was super quick. I mean VERY quick. And that's a good thing. Personally there is nothing worse when doing research, forking out the pennies and then having to wait weeks or months for your gear to arrive. Me, living in Regional WA, usually finds this kind of infuriating delay in delivery to be the norm and not the exception.

Fitting the weather shields couldn't be easier. They are just held on with double sided tape, but don't fear. I've never had one fall off yet, even with major corrugations, dust, mud, water and everything you could think of. You just need to ensure that you put the rear ones on the correct sides as it's pretty easy to mess this up as they look very similar. I imagine once you've stuck them on and the glue on the tape sets it would be pretty hard work to remove them. There are several reason, aside from looks, to fit weather shields like these to all 4 doors of your four wheel drive wagon. The first is that if you have to park outside, like I do, you find in the winter you get dew and rain fogging up your windows. This actually makes it really dangerous for the first few minutes of driving if you have to pull out into traffic as you can't see out the windows. I mean, fair enough, with the 200 I can wind the windows down as they are electric, but on some of my older cars this was not so easy. But do you really want to be winding down your windows when it's close to 0 degrees in the winter? I don't. The weather shields let the water and dew settle on top and leave the windows clean and dry allowing clear visibility out of the windows. It works really really well. The second reason is that in the summer, you can leave the windows down just a small amount and let the hot air escape from the cabin without anyone even noticing that they are not fully closed. This is great, especially if you have a fridge running in the car. And the third really neat reason is when you are camping, you can run things like extension cords out of the windows and still have the car locked up and protected from any rain.

Final Score

All in all, these are a great little product. They are cheap, useful, look great and are dead easy to install. OCAM were great to deal with and delivered them very quickly in good quality packaging. I give these 5 stars.