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29 June 2019

Adventure Kings Toolkit Reivew

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frontpageUltimate Bush Mechanic Tool Kit Review” Let's take a look at the Kings tool kit and see what it's all about.

The old mishmash of tools that I had laying under the seat of the Ute for functional, but messy and full of duplicates and useless things that had accrued over time. With a half lap of Australia trip coming up, I figured it was time to have a good look at what I have and finally sort out this mess of scrap metal.

I looked around and Bunnings, Super Cheap Auto, my local Auto 1 store and even Aldi. The idea of buying new tools, even the cheap ones was looking like an expensive exercise. That was, until I saw a friends Adventure Kings Bush Mechanic Toolkit. For around $110, this looked to be exactly what I was after.

When you consider the price of buying a tool bag, little bags to store your spanners, sockets etc and all of the tools themselves, you just can’t go wrong with this kit. The tools actually seem pretty good too. I mean they are as good as any of the SCA tools I’ve bought form Super Cheap, and they seem to have served me ok.

The only downside, just like all of the 4wd Supacentre stuff is that their ‘free freight’ is only free if you live in the metro area of any of the capital cities. I live only 2.5 hours out of Perth and there is no free freight for me. They don’t tell you this though, not until you have almost completed the checkout process and then they just add a relatively expensive freight charge to the total price without telling you. I don’t like this kind of sneaky business practice so that left a bad taste in my mouth and I ended up getting a mate to pick me one up while he was 50km away in a local regional centre from a local reseller. It was the same price and didn’t have the freight charge.

So what do you get in the kit, well here is the list:

So I added a few extra things, a longer ½” extension, some electrical and gaffer tape, spare wire, some multi grips, a ¼ in socket set, cable ties, cold weld, spare battery terminals, and an extra shifter. I also carry a tub of screws, tek bits, screw driver bits, drill bits, Sikaflex, Silicone, Loctite etc in a separate container. What I really like about this tool kit is the bag. Although it doesn’t feel super strong, the metal frame means it stands up nicely while you are using it, but it folds flat enough to sit under the Ute’s driver’s seat even with all my extra stuff in it.

Final Score

All in all, for price and value for money I’ll give this thing a whopping 5 stars!